Friday, December 30, 2011

Hippie Happy!

Shorts: Blu Moon, Sandals: Steve Madden, Vest: Sanctuary, Shirt: Wildfox Couture Photography: Mark Linsangan Photo Katie Pope


  1. Love the fur! Where'd you get it?

  2. Hey KP!
    Keep up the great pics! You have a beautiful smile. Loving the shirt, I lived in california for a few years; San Diego. Then moved back to Germany.

    - Katherine

  3. @Katherine Klein
    Thank you! yeah i'm from Santa Monica... and my parents use to have an apt. in M√ľnchen!

  4. @Michelle Hyer
    south moon under check out their site

  5. Hey, I ran into your blog just randomly. I really like the outfits you choose! When is the New Years post coming up? Also I read a comment by someone at a previous posting you had, Are you planning on doing a video overview of the outfit as well? If so that'd be amazing!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. @Susan McCarthy
    Yes i am planning to start adding videos as well. I'm on vacation now but i hope to be back to posting soon! Thank you for the support it means a lot!
    :) KP